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Sonia Falschi-Ray’s article in the May Diary April 21, 2016

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

Dependence, Independence or Interdependence?

Once upon a time there was a farmer, Angus, who had two sons, Donald and Duncan. Both sons worked on the farm and were dependent upon it for their livelihood. Donald seemed contented. Duncan was restless and ached to be independent, so he went to his father and asked him for his share of the farm in cash. Unusually, the father agreed and waved Duncan off, who left for Utopia.

Duncan had a ball. He was welcomed as a wealthy young man into a group who ate, drank, gambled, enjoyed women and were merry. Duncan was now wholly independent. However, Utopia suffered a series of bad harvests, by which time Duncan had spent all his money. His former friends drifted away. He got a job tending pigs. Semi-starving, he realised that his father’s servants lived better than he did and resolved to go home no longer as a son, but as a servant.

Angus had been scanning the horizon daily since Duncan left, hoping he’d return. One day, far off, he recognised Duncan’s gait and ran to meet him. He cut off Duncan’s apologies and put the family signet ring back on his finger. He planned a welcome-home party. Donald was furious. His father had never thrown a party for him. Angus said to Donald, ‘We are always together, all I have is yours, we enhance each other’s lives, but Duncan left and I feared I’d never see him again. He’s returned and now understands the value of family, community and interdependence. Donald, please come and enjoy the party.’

As you probably realise, this is a reworking of Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). All of us wonder at times where we really belong. Should it be with a familiar group or do we need to go our own way?

‘Brexit’ or ‘Better Together’? Should the UK be in or out of Europe, and on what terms? Is the UK overly dependent upon the rest of Europe politically and legally? Is much of Europe overly dependent upon the UK’s relatively strong economy? Can we realistically find a fairer and better compromise on trade deals, legislation and taxation? In June; our call.

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