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Ruth Pyke’s article in April’s Diary March 27, 2017

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What do a submarine, a classic novel and a cathedral have in common?

Not a riddle, but a word: RESURGAM. The word means, ‘I will rise again’. It was the name of two Victorian submarines which sadly did not rise again! The first was inadequate in size and in manpower. There was only space for one crew member. It would never be efficient as a weapon. The second had space for a three-man crew and trialled successfully; but on its maiden voyage from Liverpool to Portsmouth it developed problems and sank, though mercifully the crew had already moved to their support vessel. The wreck of Resurgam is still marked out on the sea bed near Rhyl.

It was the inscription chosen by Jane Eyre for the headstone on the grave of her childhood friend Helen Burns. Helen had died of consumption in the harsh environment of Lowood School, but not before her short life had witnessed her Christian faith and hope.

It was the word carved over the South Transept door of St Paul’s Cathedral under the carving of a Phoenix rising from the flames. A reminder that the new St Paul’s had been built out of the destruction of the old by the Great Fire of London.

The stories of the submarine, of Jane Eyre and of St Paul’s remind us that when life seems darkest, when hope has faded, when all seems to lie in dust and ashes then the risen Christ – who did indeed rise again – can bring us new life and new hope.

Jesus said, ‘The Son of Man is to be betrayed into human hands, and they will kill him, and three days after being killed, he will rise again.’

Resurgam: I will rise again – words of hope, faith and vision. A word for this Easter season, the season which repeats the story of the power of life over death, of light over darkness, of love over hate.

Come to church this Easter and find that new chance, that new beginning, vision, faith and hope. May you know the light, hope and joy of the Resurrection, and the power of love which conquers all. Resurgam – I will rise again.