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Ruth Pyke’s article in the June Diary May 26, 2017

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.
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Where will your vote be cast?  None of us were expecting a general election this year and yet it comes just a year after the murder of one of our younger politicians Jo Cox. Politics is a case of standing up and being counted. So often in the heat of election campaigning as opinions are vigorously debated we forget too easily the courage and the burden which politicians and their families so often bear. Long hours working, sometimes away from home, the demands of being in the public eye, the unguarded moment which is transmitted instantly through the media. We need to pray for those who stand, those who will be elected and for their families. We need to pray that they will be ready to work for the best outcomes to some of our most serious challenges.

Voting is not new- in the New Testament there is an election to choose a new disciple to replace Judas ready for the work which lies ahead of them. Matthias is chosen after a process of prayer and casting lots. It gives us the pattern for our part- to pray and then to vote.

Voting is not just a cross in a box- we vote with our support for those events and places which we feel to be important.  It is marvellous that on Wednesday June 28th. at 7.30pm in Barkway church there will be a Confirmation service with Bishop Michael Beasley. Six adults and 3 young people are prepared to stand up and be counted for their Christian faith- they are voting in their own way for the future of the church. Please do pray for them and come along and support them.


Notes from the Benefice:

Confirmation Service: Wednesday 28th June at 7.30pm. This is a service of commitment where those who have been baptised are now ready to make those promises for themselves. Traditionally the newly confirmed are then able to receive the bread and the wine at the service of Holy Communion. Bishop Michael Beasley, the Bishop of Hertford will take the service and all are welcome.