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Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Bike’n Hike May 1, 2018

Posted by nicholastufton in Historic Churches Trust Bicycle Ride.

Last year’s event was held on 9th September and is expected to raise around £80,000.  The star fund raiser to date  is Reed who raised more than any one else in the two counties at over £1,900, beating Barkway into second place with a very respectable £1,685.

The idea is that people are sponsored to walk or cycle to visit as many churches as possible during the day. Half of the money raised is retained by the Trust to help fund repairs to churches and the other half comes straight back to the churches in our Benefice (Barkway, Barley, Reed and Buckland). The event takes place nationwide on the second Saturday in September so that in 2018, it will be held on Saturday 8th September.

For further details, please contact:

Nicholas Tufton Tel: 848888 (Barkway)        Sophia Wrangham Tel: 848699 (Barley)        

Karin Weston Tel: 271912 (Buckland)               Liz Jakeman  Tel: 848398 (Reed)

There is the link to the Trust’s web site: http://www.bedshertshct.org.uk/


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