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Article by The Reader, Arthur Brignall in October’s Diary September 25, 2018

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

To bring order, relevance and impetus to our worship week by week, we have been provided with a pattern of Festivals and Holy Days.

First there are the Principal Feasts in which we recall the main events in the earthly life of Jesus. Then there are the Festivals in which we celebrate the lives and work of Jesus’s immediate family and the Apostles and Martyrs chosen by Jesus for his Ministry. Thirdly we are invited to honour people down through time who have inspired us with their insights, their faith and their holiness in the service of Christ.

In the month of October there are no Principal Feasts and there are only two Festivals, for Luke the Evangelist and for Simon and Jude, Apostles. But in this month there are a remarkable number of individuals whose Holy Days occur at this time. Among them are:

Francis of Assisi (1226),  William Tyndale (1536),  Elizabeth Fry (1845,)  Edith Cavell (1915), Edward the Confessor (1066),                                                           Teresa of Avila (1582), Alfred the Great (899), Martin Luther (1546.

As you see, they lived at different times over more than half of the 2,000 years of the Christian story. Each of them was an inspiration to the people of their time and we can gain much from a study of their lives as we seek to develop our own beliefs and faith in 2018.

One of those who inspires me particularly is Alfred the Great, King of the Wessex Saxons when the Vikings had succeeded in overcoming most of the country. Alfred nearly succumbed to them as well but he held his nerve, won a decisive battle and established himself as the defender of all the Anglo Saxons against the Pagan Vikings. By the middle of the 10th Century the whole of England was ruled as one for the first time. This enabled him to adopt a new legal code and to reform the monetary and fiscal systems of that time. Alfred was described by his biographer as a truthteller, a proud, resourceful and pious man, generous to the faith of the Church and anxious to rule his people justly.

I acknowledge that Alfred ruled in a very different situation than is the case today. In the seemingly chaotic times we are living through in our country at present, I suggest that if only some of the principles applied by Alfred in his rule could be put back in place, it is possible we could regain the moral purpose which we now seem to have lost.

If in our prayers and in our worship we seek to honour such individuals on their Holy Day, who knows what influence their lives and their example might have on each of us?



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