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Barkway Advent Window Trail 2018 November 25, 2018

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Date in               Person                                                           Theme

1  Alison Gower Advent Calendar
2 Nina Lancaster
3 Jayne and Jessie Foster
4 Sue Sanders
5 Alison Williams Christmas Crackers
6 Ruth and Richard Pyke Christmas Baking
7 Carol MacKay Christmas Crackers
8 Anderton Family Carol Singing
9 Alison and Rob Christmas Tree
10 Kate Gregory
11 Marian Murphy
12 Maria Hatlry Christmas Pudding
13 Mirjam Foot Decorations
14 Jenny Warren Christmas Lights
15 Michelle Marple
16 Ros Holbrow
17 Meriel Tufton Jingle Bells
18 Jean and Michael Pooley Santa Clause & Christmas Carols. 2 windows
19 Donna Stratton
21 Jane Greening Misteltoe
21 Barkway School
22 Barkway Church Nativity


Sonia’s article in the December Diary November 25, 2018

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Presence not presents

A group of children were asked what they wanted Father Christmas to bring them. When they’d finished listing toys, tablets and games, they were asked what they wanted their parents to give them? In summary they said, “Time together; uninterrupted, full-focussed attention.” Things which no Xmas-box can provide.

Our lives can get so filled with the hassle of routine, busyness and screen-time that we crowd out genuine engagement with our closest family. In essence, these children knew what was really valuable. Presence rather than presents. Quality time, not just Quality Street.

Occasionally people say to me, “I envy your faith, but I just don’t get it.” Well “getting it” involves giving God time and attention to allow him to communicate with us. Breaking through the clamour of our lives with his still, small voice of calm. If we ignore him, He won’t impose himself upon us. He does though require some focussed presence. However, the rewards of knowing deep-down that you are personally loved and valued by the Creator of the Universe, who has promised never to desert you in good times and in bad, are immense.

How can we start? A good first prayer is, “God, if you exist, will you please help me to know that.” Maybe try reading the New Testament. That may generate questions. Our Rector, Ruth, (01763 848756) and I would be happy to have a chat and help you explore ideas. Questions of Life, by Nicky Gumbel is also a good introduction.

In the meantime, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a fulfilling New Year.

Many blessings


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