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Ruth Pyke’s article in the January Diary December 24, 2018

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.
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How did your New Year begin? Was it with a party and hope for the future or was it with sadness and a resignation that the year has begun with uncertainty or pain or loss. Were there fireworks or tears? We continue by praying for the people of Royston after the devastating fire in their church during December.

Some of you may have heard or sung the traditional New Year Scottish song, ‘For the sake of Auld Lang Syne’. The words ask whether old times and old friends should be forgotten as we move into a New Year. A question which, if we are fortunate to have good friends and loving families demands the rousing answer NO – for we carry onwards the memories of both joy and sorrow, and the love of friends and family, those still with us and those long gone.

Those memories and those people are what has made us what we are. At best we can support each other and inspire each other through the year ahead. It is when love surrounds us that we can be encouraged to move on into this New Year whatever it may bring, whether we move into it with smiles or tears.

As 2019 begins, with all it may bring to each of us, there is one more acquaintance I would commend to you. The friendship and love of God and in particular Jesus. I offer you two ways to make his acquaintance in this coming year:

Read the gospel stories of those he welcomed and met – stories of children leaving home, of sheep being lost, of men and women needing healing, of poor widows and wealthy landowners, of friends who call you at midnight, of those who cheated and those who gave generously. For Jesus, no one was off limits, his welcome was for all.

Come and share in asking questions through our group preparing for confirmation, our homegroup or our Lent group. No question is off limits, and you may find others asking the same.

For more details see our website or our Facebook pages (details on p15, opposite).

My hope for 2019 is that together we may discover the deep friendship of Jesus Christ, and through his love discover deeper friendships in our villages and in our churches.