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Ruth Pyke’s March Diary Article February 26, 2019

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

Do not switch off your computer – updates are in progress.

You see this message and the little circle turning and a message that you are something like 88% complete.

Of course, I know that this is Windows updating my operating system through the WiFi but I am not really sure how it happens. But I see the circle turning and I hear the machine working away! I am sure that many of you will understand the technicalities of all this but to me it is a wonderful mystery!

What I do know is that this is a shared experience. Anyone connected to the internet will have experienced this.

Updates are important – they keep our operating systems effective and protected, they allow us to continue to use our machines for communication, for entertainment, for information, and as a channel for our creativity. They come unseen and when we least expect them, downloaded automatically.

In Christian teaching the Holy Spirit often comes unseen and when we least expect him (or her). The Spirit comes as the spark of communication between God and each one of us. It comes to us as individuals and as communities to inspire us to find creative ways of finding faith in our contemporary world. The Spirit is seen before the world began and in the lives of those today – ‘ever old and ever new’. How and when the Spirit comes is also a mystery, though we may trust he or she comes from God.

Lent is a time for ‘updates’, a shared experience as Christians around the world prepare for Easter. It is a time to ask for a spiritual update. It is a time for the church to update the ways we communicate more effectively with the world around.

Whatever you do, whatever you give up or take on, make it a spiritual time, plug into God and allow the Spirit to ‘update’ you.

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