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Ruth Pyke’s article in April’s Diary March 26, 2019

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

At the end of April the church across the world will remember the events of the last week of Jesus’ life. Easter is the time when Christians remember the resurrection of Jesus from death. But on the Thursday before Easter the focus is on the Last Supper, when Jesus took the bread and the wine of the Passover and filled them with new meaning.

For Christians ever afterwards bread and wine have been the spiritual food which gives us strength for our journey through life. Traditionally it has only been for adults who have been confirmed, to share, (though not in the early church) but increasingly churches are preparing baptised children who are about seven years of age to receive Communion before confirmation.

The churches in our villages are exploring whether or not we should do the same. We will need to consider various questions. Amongst them will be: that those who are baptised are full members of the church; that their need for spiritual sustenance is as great as anyone else and that they are part of the Christian family and should be sharing at the table with us.

This can be a difficult idea for some, there are concerns about understanding, about reverence, about the merits of waiting. All of these questions need to be asked, prayed through and reflected upon.  We will have a further chance to discuss this important decision and to learn from the experience of others later this year.

Whatever the final outcome, the Easter story is about new understanding, new hope, new life. For many it has been radically life changing. May we share together this Easter, whatever our age, the hope of Easter: a love stronger than death, stronger than darkness, stronger than hate.

May the hope and joy of Easter be yours.



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