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Ruth Pyke’s article in the October Diary September 18, 2019

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Baptisms, weddings and funerals – rites of passage, times of grief and times of rejoicing. Prayers for the nation in times of disaster, prayers of gratitude at the end of hostilities and annually at the bringing in of the harvest. Christmas carol services and visits by our schools. All of these take place in the churches of our villages.

Each of these churches is open every day as a place to reflect, a place to pray, a place to ask ‘Why?’ They are places set apart for each member of the community and visitors to find moments of quiet in our otherwise rushed and sometimes frightening lives.

Our churches are timeless buildings standing firm through the years – but look closely and you will see they have changed. At one time there would have been no rails around the altar, the walls would have been brightly decorated with pictures or with coloured painting around the pillars; pulpits have come and sometimes gone, windows have changed through the years. In mediaeval times the nave of a church was a much busier place where sacred and secular met. In this tradition the Cathedral in St Albans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings with a spectacular son-et-lumière.

Our churches host teas and book sales, craft fairs and markets as well as the regular Sunday services and celebrations of life and death. BUT to do this our buildings need upkeep and improvement. All three of our active village churches have works which need doing – the tower at Reed is being restored, as is the tower at Barkway. At Barley there are plans to provide good disabled access, a servery and accessible toilet. All of this costs money and we are asking for your help, for your village church.

Please consider any way in which you can help – whether it is a donation, a fundraiser, with specialist skills in grant applications or in any other way.

We need your help so that baptisms, weddings and funerals can continue for hundreds of years still to come, prayers and praises can be offered and our churches continue as places of hospitality and welcome to the whole community.







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