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Ruth’s article in the February Diary January 24, 2020

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

During the year ahead there may be changes which are inevitable, some unwelcome, others necessary and some desirable. Biology shows that change is part of life and growth. The baby learns to walk and talk, the child to read and play; their independence increases. In the world we need to change the ways in which our use of Earth’s resources affect climate change. You may have other changes looming – a wedding, a new job, a move.

In our churches and church schools we have been considering a change, as we decide whether to seek permission to admit children to communion before they are confirmed. That final decision is scheduled for our church council meetings in March – and if all three councils agree, we will apply to the bishop. Children admitted to communion would have to be baptised, aged around seven, and attend either school or church worship on a regular basis. Parents will have to give permission and will be included in the classes alongside their children.

There are many reasons behind this to consider and I would like to share some of them. Historically in the early Church, whole families were baptised and shared together in the church. The Jewish roots of the Christian faith remind us of the centrality of children in the story: they asked the questions at Passover. Increasingly families discover faith together and preparation for communion enables them to learn and experience together.

Only at the Reformation was there an expectation of understanding the nature of the bread and wine. Then, as Communion became the main Sunday morning service with all ages gathered at the altar, the issue of children receiving with their parents and other adults grew more significant.

Theologically the bread and wine is more often seen as food for the soul, strength for the Christian journey and a free gift of God’s great love rather than a reward for understanding (see https://www.stalbans.anglican. org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/preparingtheway2013.pdf for more information). Please talk with me or members of your church council. Many churches have taken this path already and found it a joy, as children mark their growing sense of belonging to God’s family.

So please pray about this, come to the United Benefice service at Reed on 9th February at 10.30am ready to ask your questions and express your thoughts.





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