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Sonia’s article in the May Diary April 17, 2020

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

Lockdown leading to Revelation

Further weeks of lockdown. We’re all experiencing them differently. In our villages, we are at least surrounded by beautiful countryside and have had remarkably good weather. Some will delight in being continuously together as a family – if you’re a dog, for instance, though even dogs may be puzzled by their walking frequency. All sorts of things may be revealed to us during our enforced home stay. The rapid learning curve we’re encountering in mastering video conferencing for work, socialising and schooling, leading to competition for Wi-Fi bandwidth. Unusual food combinations and competitive Instagram recipes depending on what was in stock, apart from disinfectant and loo roll. Some will experience loneliness, others a crying need for their own space and time. After too many structureless days in ‘athleisurewear’, we may revert to routine and ‘proper’ clothes (a least for work conference calls).

Throughout all of this, most of us are experiencing varying levels of anxiety. Disappointment for education disrupted, weddings and parties postponed, visits forgone. Fear of the unknown. How long will the lockdown last? How will it be lifted? Fear of debt. Concern for our absent relatives and friends. Worry that we might sicken and infect others. Fear of death.

Churches have all been shut. Easter celebrations were muted, remotely relayed with individual declarations of, “Christ is risen!” “He is risen indeed!”. Home-based Easter egg hunts. The early revelations of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead were also experienced in lockdown. His disciples were locked in for fear of arrest. Suddenly, Jesus was standing among them. Solid but different. His first words were, “Peace be with you”. He urged them not to be afraid. It happened again, still in lockdown, this time with Thomas, who had missed the first time, and insisted on touching Jesus’ wounds to check he was real, even if he could walk through walls. Again, Jesus said, “Peace be with you”. Thomas declared, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus replied, “Thomas, because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. I will be with you to the very end of the age”

Wishing you many blessings and relief from fear.

Sonia  07747 844265


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