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Ruth’s article in June Diary May 28, 2020

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.


Summer fêtes, strawberries, bunting, Pimms and maypole dancing: what is more characteristic of an English village? Our churches host similar events in our villages each year, praying for warm weather and blue skies. This year they are cancelled and we will miss meeting and relaxing together. Sadly, we will also miss the income that these generate.

The consequences of COVID-19 in our country and the wider world will be very serious indeed. Economically there will be significant hardship, and our village charities are working hard to offer support to individuals. Our churches are considering practical ways in which we might be able to support those facing  material hardship. We long to show the generosity and hospitality of God to all.

Our churches also face significant hardship losing income from cash collections and from the cancellation of these summer events. Each church pays around £18,000 annually to support the ministry that the Church of England provides across the country. Primarily it provides for clergy as well as pensions for the retired. Some clergy support themselves, yet their training still has to be funded. Alongside others they offer support and pastoral care to any in need, whether active church members or not. At present this is done through phone calls, email, and our online services. It still costs about £85 a day to keep our churches open, even in lockdown.

So if you would have enjoyed one of our village fêtes – and maybe bought yourself some lunch there, or a tea, a few secondhand books and a Pimms – please would you add up what you might have spent and consider donating directly to your village church? I know that last year I spent at least £30 on one fête, with lunch and teas and books and plants. Please send a cheque or make an online payment (details on opposite page) tagged with your surname and donation. Or drop cash off to the treasurer in an envelope marked ‘Donation’ for your village church. We would be so very grateful.

Let’s copy the early Christians in the church at Corinth: “during a severe ordeal of affliction, their abundant joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. For they voluntarily gave according to their means, and even beyond their means”.

CANCELLED: Barkway fête (6th June), Barley fête (13th June), Reed summer fair (20th June).

So please note the Bank details and treasurers:

Barley PCC: Sort code: 20-73-26: A/c no: 50152501; louisealexandrashaw@gmail.com

Barkway PCC: Sort code: 20-73-26: A/c no: 20147532; jasonmarple@procam.co.uk

Reed Church Council: Sort code: 30-97-16: A/c no: 00435385; harrisonpp@btinternet.com




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