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Our new curate, Sarah Richardson, writes in the July Diary June 23, 2020

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As I write this sitting by my window, the clouds are moving slowly but surely across the sky, and I can see a few patches of blue sky appearing. I am hopeful there will be sunshine this afternoon. Eleven weeks into lockdown and I feel like the blue sky of limitations being lifted is beginning to appear. I have been looking forward to joining you at Barley, Barkway, Reed and Buckland for months now, and not being able to be present with you in person was not how I had envisaged joining. But I am looking forward to being able to meet as many of you as possible via Zoom, phone calls and online.

I will continue to live in Steeple Morden, where I grew up, and where I returned seven years ago with my husband Sam. We have three boys, Daniel (9), Thomas (7) and William (6), and a lively golden retriever. I am looking forward to bringing Rusty on some walks around the parishes in the next few months. We enjoy cycling together (one of our best lockdown moments has been our youngest finally learning to ride independently), being outside as a family, and usually spend our holidays in a tent somewhere.

Sam and I met at university, and he has worked in publishing since then, commuting to London from wherever we have been living. I originally worked as an accountant and auditor, before taking some time at home to be with the children, and then starting ordination training three years ago.

I found faith as a teenager, and sensed some kind of call to ministry when I left university, but decided that I’d just ignore it and see if it went away. But God is both patient and persistent, and just before William arrived a curate told me that they thought God was asking me not to forget his calling on my life even though I was about to have a baby. Although the timing felt all wrong, I began to pursue what this might look like with my vicar, and that led to my training at St Mellitus College.

It turns out the timing was perfect; God has a wonderful way of weaving together the strings in our lives when we let him. I am very much looking forward to joining you at the end of June, and to being part of your villages and churches.



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