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Article by Sarah Richardson in the April Diary March 29, 2021

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

I know it’s coming. I can feel it sometimes. The other day I could see it in the way the light was on the grass outside my window, and there are some days when I can smell it. It can’t be far away. Last week I felt so sure it was near, yet today has made me pause, wearily, remembering that I need to be careful not to race ahead with something I can’t control. Rain, hail, grey skies, a definite need to wear a hat, and the dog standing by the open back door looking despondent as he waits for a break in the weather. But something is happening; there is good news. In the dark places of the ground, hidden away, new life has been beginning. Slow, silent work in the dark that leads to something wonderful. Spring is coming. It always does, and it always brings warmth and beauty, even if we can’t quite pin down when that might happen.

Some of the patches of daffodils I’ve seen with flowers out have been next to others which haven’t yet come out, and that seems to fit well with where we find ourselves now. Some vaccinated, some not, some more anxious about mixing than others, as we all continue to wait for a relaxation of the rules that govern our lives at the moment. But the silent, unseen work of those who have been developing vaccines, planning logistics, and delivering the jabs is now showing up in the relief of those who have had their chance to be vaccinated.

We hope to be returned to our church buildings for Easter this year, and although this will be a time of celebration and joy, we know there is still more to come. We won’t be able to sing together yet, for some people this will be the first Easter without a loved one, and there will still be restrictions on our lives and communities for some time. For many, the darkness of Good Friday will feel particularly bleak this year. But there is good news – Easter Sunday is coming. There will be times of celebration and of joy, and I can see and hear some of them already: the sound of children playing at school, seeing people meeting up in their pairs with their cups of coffee and people talking about the plans they’re making with a note of confidence in their voices. Out of the darkness, new life emerges.

With my best wishes for a Happy Easter,

Rev Sarah Richardson


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