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Sarah’s article in the January Diary December 13, 2021

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

In our weekend newspaper’s glossy magazine, there was a mini article of the best diaries and planners to buy for 2022. Maybe you’re a daily planner, a family photo wall calendar type, a bullet journaller, a £175 paper diary afficionado (that’s one I saw in the magazine!), or an online agenda keeper to share your goals with your Fitbit or Strava. You might even just like the odd post-it note. But I think we all hold hopes and dreams in our hearts, whether we can bring ourselves to write them down or not, particularly after the last 20 months of disappointments and delays to things that we so dearly want to happen.

Some of us are real planners and list makers (I love making lists, even though I’m not always very good at completing the goals), and the new year always seems to be the time for us to feel as if we ought to be making lists and plans. And having goals and things to look forward to, or to aim for, is good for us, particularly when we manage to achieve something we’ve worked hard for. But sometimes, even with our best laid plans, things don’t turn out as we expect, in good ways and bad: covid or cancer, or a new job opportunity or new baby – there can be many things which jump into our lives and thrown our plans out of kilter. Some of these unexpected interruptions will be beautiful and life-changing in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and some will leave us drained and frustrated.

The church calendar after Christmas reminds us of God’s promise to be with us in all things, planned and unplanned, joyous and trying. During January we celebrate Epiphany to continue that hope of God come down as Jesus at Christmas, the one who is with us always. I hope that 2022 brings you many joys, whether already on your list or not, and that you may find God drawing close to you in all that you travel this coming year.

With best wishes, Rev Sarah.


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