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Sonia’s article in the June Diary regarding the Platinum Jubilee May 23, 2022

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

This month, throughout her kingdom and in many of her overseas territories, her subjects will be celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. Seventy years on the throne. An amazing achievement. Those of us who wish to mark it will finally be able to meet up and party. Events which have been denied us through the long months of covid.

The term and concept of Jubilee has two sources. The Old Testament, biblical, origin of the concept of jubilee was that after every six years of farming a particular piece of land, in the seventh it lay fallow, giving it a period of rest. The term, sabbatical, (which is derived from Sabbath) is still used in academia for a break from regular duties.

After seven times seven years, in the 50th, all land leased to farmers was returned to its original tribal owner. Tenant farmers would pay in rent an amount related to the number of harvests it would yield up to the Jubilee year. Indentured servants were also often released then.

The year was marked by the sounding of a ram’s horn, a yobhel in Hebrew. This trickled down through Greek iobelos into a Latin, iubilaues up through Old French jubileu meaning both anniversary and rejoicing (no longer any mention of rams’ horns) and into our Jubilee.

We might, in the midst of our rejoicing, think about trying to give ourselves a fallow period in order to reset aspects of our life into a healthier state. Maybe giving up grudges and harmful habits, which can degrade our dealings with others, and our sense of well-being. A fresh start. Now that would be something to celebrate.

Many Blessings  Sonia 07747 844265


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