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Ruth Pyke’s article in the July Diary June 27, 2022

Posted by nicholastufton in The Diary Monthly letter.

As I end almost seven years of ministry here in these beautiful villages, you might ask me what will I remember?  The answer would be so many things: the rolling landscape with its abundance of wildlife, deer, kites, buzzards and barn owls; joyful Monday mornings at Barley and Barkway Federation with the children singing enthusiastically; the beauty of Eastermorning at sunrise in Reed, and playing with the band at Barley carol services. The groups exploring Confirmation, and the joy of those services. The chance to sing evensong in our cathedral at St Albans, and the quiet times of morning prayer in our churches. 

It will be the pandemic, the way we held onto community and church by Zoom, and the miles we walked during lockdown. Our own family occasions of a wedding and a baptism both celebrated in Barkway; the coach trip to Wintershall to see The Life of Christ. 

These may be the highlights but there are equally lovely memories of those of you who have allowed me to minister toyou at times of joy and times of sorrow. The baptisms, weddings and funerals, and the congregations who week by week have allowed me the privilege of presiding at the altar as bread and wine are taken, blessed, broken and shared. 

Throughout the Bible the people of God have remembered- their escape from slavery into the promised land, their homeland as they wept by the waters of Babylon. Jesus told his disciples to remember him in the breaking of bread and sharing of wine. And now as I prepare to say thank you to all of you for sharing your lives and villages with both myselfand Richard over these last seven years it is the words of St Paul which resonate with me. He wrote to the church in Philippi, 

I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy”. 

I can think of no better words to finish with- a reminder to me and to all of us to pray for each other with thanksgiving for our communities and for our friendships and to remember each other in our prayers. I will continue to pray for you- please pray for me and for Richard as we move away from here to our new home in Oxfordshire. We take with us so many things to remember with joy and thanksgiving. Thank you



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