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The Friends of Barkway Church February 11, 2021

Posted by nicholastufton in Friends of Barkway Church.
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The Friends of Barkway Church is a registered charity (Registration No. 275064) whose role is to raise money to pay for repairs to the building comprising Barkway Church and the churchyard.

Since 2016, The Friends funded the replacement LED lighting, repairs to the Church Tower, the reroofing of the Chancel and sundry other items at a cost of almost £103,000. In 2021 it is planned to replace the surface water drainage system at a cost of about £27,000 excluding VAT.  To pay for these works The Friends launched an appeal in July 2019 and by April 2020, about £92,000 including grants had been raised.

Most Barkway residents regard the Church as central to the life of the village and the Charity has many supporters, both regular church goers as well as occasional visitors.

Pre Covid, the Charity raised funds through holding a bottle stall at the Village Market and through other events such as the popular Moonlight Market held in the Church just before Christmas.  Sadly no fund raising events are possible at present, so we are asking as many people as possible to become members.

For more details and to become a member of The Friends, please contact:

The Chairman nicholas@ntufton.co.uk

The Secretary  Mirjam Foot  mirjam.foot@btinternet.com