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It’s been great that you have been part of at least one of our homegroups over the last few years. We have held a few sessions via Zoom during lockdown.

A chance to explore the Bible together 
                                                                                                             Bible Society

Session 1

We will be looking more deeply at the ways in which the Holy Spirit moves in our lives today. It is different for everyone- for some it is a dramatic event, for some much more gradual and quiet. The Spirit gives gifts to all and our lives as followers of Jesus are marked by the fruits of the Spirit. Why not download the session, here 

Session 2

 A discussion on Luke 10, particularly the section where Jesus has sent out 72  disciples on a mission.  The session is entitled “Be the Message”  and  features a video clip, and some  questions for us as we look at the way in which faith affects our lives building a more compassionate and just society. A topic very relevant as we state that “Black Lives Matter”.
Download the session, here. Look at some of the material


Session 3

 We explore the story of the disciples in a boat with Jesus during a storm. Mark 4.35-41. The theme is Shattered  and explores the difficult balance of work and life, prayer and sleep.  
Download the session, here and have a look at some of the material.  

Let’s build something together.

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