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Our team

If you wish to discuss anything, please contact the appropriate person below:-

The Reverend Canon Ruth Pyke, The Rectory, 135 High Street, Barkway, Royston, SG8 8ED.
(01763 848756)  ruthpyke56@gmail.com

Mrs Sarah Richardson (Licensed Lay Worker/Curate), 11 Church Farm Lane, Steeple Morden, SG8 0NL
07734 815 929 / 01763 853 016 sarahruthrichardson@gmail.com



Nicholas Tufton,  11 High Street, Barkway, Royston, SG8 8EA
(01736 848888)  nicholas@ntufton.co.uk

Michelle Marple, 53/55 High Street, Barkway, Royston, SG8 8EB
(01763 848929) barkwaychurchwarden@gmail.com

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Charles Wrangham, The Manor, Barley, Royston SGSG8 8JW
01763 848699   charles.wrangham@gmail.com

Geoffrey Wilkerson (Deputy), Homestall, The Mount, Barley
(01763) 848418  wilkersongc@aol.com

Reg Cording,    2 Millers Close, Picknage Road, Barley, Royston, SG8 8JS
(01763) 848921   reganald.cording@btinternet.com

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Liz Jakeman, 4 Church Close, Reed, Royston,  SG8 8AN
01763 848398 elizabethjakeman@live.co.uk

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